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A blueprint to help engineer West Virginia’s economic future.

Learn about West Virginia Forward Efforts WV Women Moving Forward Ready for Work

歪皮恩 安卓

歪皮恩 安卓

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Job growth hinges on pursuing opportunities that maximize economic development potential while diversifying industry sectors ripe for growth.

Job Growth Opportunities

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Lifelong learning begins at an early age and advances through continued education, training and professional development. Investing in lifelong learning opportunities will strengthen our talent pool.

Lifelong Learning Opportunities 

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Investing in our people will improve statewide productivity. We need new innovative solutions to help solve West Virginia's regional challenges.

Human Capital Opportunities 


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  • Ready for Work clothing drive provides for women throughout West Virginia | The Daily Athenaeum

  • WV tech leaders to push for more growth in cybersecurity industry | WV News

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We want to hear from you. Share your ideas. Stay informed. Help us move West Virginia Forward.

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